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Who lives here?

Hana…. I work 24/7 365 days a year…yeah, I’m a mum….  a cook, a healer, a teacher, a nutritionist, a comforter, a supporter …the list has no end. I’m always available, always on duty.


I love cooking. It reminds me of chemistry classes I enjoyed at school as a child …a bit of this, a bit of that. Mix it up and BANG…. a yummy meal’s on the table.


also love being praised for my cooking. I’m a huge sucker for praise; I believe that if you like something, you shouldn’t hold back – just say it!


Marek…. My sweet, nearly 6 years old, boy. The former non-eater now eats everything (even fish), constantly hungry, a true monster …all thanks to the fact that he wants to grow strong and muscly. Whilst my baby boy concentrates on turning into Arnold Schwarzenegger, he eats what I cook and praises me a lot. He’s great! J

I love how he concentrates, ‘looking important’ when tasting new dishes for my blog. He always takes his time, before giving me his “permission” and allowing me to write about what’s on his plate.
Tomas. Last but not least, is my lovely man. My partner of 11 years, incredibly smart, a true gentleman and funny…he’s also a healthy food convert (I wonder who’s behind that).

3 Musketeers



So that’s us….. “The Three Musketeers” or “The Three Amigo’s”. Whatever, we’re random, unorganized and crazy……. and often I need some kind of magic to keep this family in order. That’s why I call myself a WITCH.
I hope you enjoy this peek into our lives, as we invite you to explore what we’re cooking, eating and laughing about.


Please get in touch if you wish, through emailing me: hana@greencottagewitch.com

Joy of everyday life with a hint of magick