Cauliflower & Sun dried tomatoes potato bake

Cauliflower & Sun dried tomatoes potato bake

Here’s our whole family favourite no meat dish. Many people are not very keen on cauliflower. But I think that everything could be tasty it just depends on recipe.

Cauliflower  is not my sons favourite vegetable. I’d say he doesn’t hate it but he’s certainly not keen on it.  The only vegetable he truly hates is good old broccoli. Broccoli is on his black list. No matter how I prepare broccoli, so far he never liked it and literally  refused to eat it.

I love broccoli. Not so much on my plate but  I frequently use it as a threat to  scare my son . Like “if you don’t stop this right now you’re gonna have broccoli for dinner tonight and for breakfast tomorrow”. Although I do it in humorous way,  he knows his mum is a very unpredictable person so who knows it may as well happen.

But I think that’s OK, there’s loads of other vegetables he enjoys and eats regularly and taste buds change. I remember how much i disliked spinach. I couldn’t stand the thing and now I cant live without it.

There’s always some in my fridge and I put spinach even in my chicken noodle soup. Btw It’s delicious. But back to Cauliflower. So as I mentioned above it’s vegetable that is very close to my sons black list but it’s not on it just yet.

Meaning if I make an effort and make it tasty he’ll eat it. But it’s not allowed to be mushy (he’s right on this one) bland and smelly. So if I mix bland cauliflower with sharp taste of sun dried tomatoes, potatoes and mature cheddar cheese it’s a winner.

And it’s a winner with daddy too. This is one of his most favourite non meaty meals. He sometimes even asks me to cook it!!! You see it’s so good that good that he voluntarily asks me to cook vegetarian dinner.

When we were just a couple living together we didn’t share the same taste in food at all. It was quite difficult to come up with meal we would  both enjoy. I always preferred healthy food but Tomas only liked deep fried food. I couldn’t live without soup and he ate a soup once a year and still moaned about it. I can’t believe how things changed. I don’t really remember how it changed, it’s all ages ago but i guess he got fed up with cooking his own dinners and tried some of my food and realised that healthy food could be very tasty.

Cauliflower & sun dried tomatoes potato bake
Cauliflower & sun dried tomatoes potato bake



1 tbs

1 medium  onion

1 cauliflower cut into small flore

150 g  sun dried tomatoes in oil, drained and cut in small pieces

800 g potatoes

150 g mature cheddar cheese

handful of fresh basil



Heat oven 200C/180C fan/Gas 6.

Heat the oil on the pan and fry onion until soft. Add small florets of cauliflower and chopped sun dried tomatoes and saute for about 10 minutes. Add fresh basil and saute for another 5 minutes.

Meanwhile, tip the potatoes into a large pan of water, making sure they are well covered. Bring to a gentle boil,  and cook  for 6-7 mins until  tender. Tip into a colander and drain thoroughly. Slice the boiled potatoes.

In a baking dish, layer the potato and mix of cauliflower and sun dried tomatoes , cover with another layer of potatoes and scatter with cheese.Bake until the cheese is golden.

Enjoy! xxx

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