Italian style courge...

Italian style courgette, basil and parmesan soup

What a crazy weather we had last few days. Beast from the East howling outside of our windows and snow storm Emma blowing from the Atlantic Ocean. And loads of snow….I mean loads of snow. Especially for this area. Last time we had a bit of snow was 6 years ago and now this. Anyway […]

Moroccan Harira Soup

Moroccan Harira Soup

I came up recently with a new game for Marek. The aim of this game is to widen my sons horizons.  My boy is totally and I mean totally obsessed with football. He lives and breathes football to be precise. Although there’s nothing wrong with  being passionate football player/maniac I feel that I should make […]

Baby Sweetcorn Masa...

Baby Sweetcorn  Masala Curry

  North Indian style creamy baby corn masala  curry. What I like about curries in general is that they’re loaded with spices. Spices are not just great for taste but they also benefit our health. Coriander seed is linked to help lower blood sugar, decrease blood pressure,may prevent neurological inflammation and disease. Turmeric is great […]

Thai prawn and ginge...

Thai prawn and ginger noodles

Happy New Year 2018 everyone !!!  How was your Christmas?? Christmas in Green Cottage was  a proper family & friends affair, truly  magical  and of course filled with yummy food. As every Christmas  I tried really hard to be sensible with food, but constant exposure to  scrumptious food and the site  of festive table were  absolute […]

Prawn & New Pot...

Prawn & New Potato Stew

Living by the sea was my ultimate dream since I was a little girl.I still have to pinch myself now and then to make sure I’m awake and actually living my dream. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of the  open space, mind soothing sound of waves and salty tasting breeze….and of course fresh […]

Sweet jacket potato ...

Sweet jacket potato & spicy turkey mince

Jacket potato is one of my favourite lunchtime meals. Crispy potato skin, soft flesh and endless choice of fillings.  I picked  sweet potato for this recipe but it can be done with regular white potato too. I like sweet potato for it’s taste and texture but also for  high content of  vitamin A, C and […]

Roasted tomato soup

Roasted tomato soup

Another soup from my large soup portfolio and one of the best soups to cook if you feel a bit under the weather.Soups and salads are great for increasing vitamin consumption and help  to keep illness and fatigue away. Very easy to make, rich in flavour, roasting  gives a tomatoes deeper flavours and make this […]

Giant baked beans (v...

Giant baked beans (vegan)

I’m finally getting back to running. Yay.  Last year for me was full of injuries  and limitations.You never appreciate the gift of a  free body movement  until you loose it and I just couldn’t wait to heal and start exercising again. Now I’m back on track and ready to transform my body to a desired […]

Avocado and tuna sal...

Avocado and tuna salad

I absolutely love avocado and could literally live on it. It’s not just tasty but it’s also a great food medicine.   Loaded with important fiber, which   reduce blood sugar spikes and is  linked to a lower risk of many diseases  by keeping our digestive system regular. Higher in  potassium  than bananas. Potassium is an important […]

Spicy chicken Indian...

Spicy chicken Indian stew

I’ve found this recipe when I was “desperately” looking for a tasty equivalent of traditional chicken stew. I’ve got nothing against traditional versions but I always fancy a change to keep my cooking from becoming a boring routine. And I found this….Indian spicy stew….BINGO it made my mouth water straight away and that’s always a […]


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